DiscoRobo Single

As a combination of hi-tech and entertainment, the talking DiscoRobo can feel
and dance to many beats of life, from your music to your beat-box,
your hand claps and even your footsteps. Users can also engage with this fascinating toy via an app which allows them to chat with DiscoRobo or customize its dancing steps.

* Special Christmas Promotion: Free Santa Claus outfit and head-spinner accessory included.
  • Beat sensitivity technology – unlimited dancing to any music
  • 56 sophisticated movements – High level of freedom with multiple joints
  • Interactive talking features in pair of 2 robots or chatting mode with users
  • Customizable dancing steps with smartphones/tablets
  • 8 lovely face expressions
  • Super bright glow
  • Model DiscoRobo Singple
  • Color Blue, Red, Pink, Purple
  • Packaging 1 DiscoRobo/Pack
  • Product weight Net: 390g/ Gross: 600 g
  • Product dimension (L)120mm x (W) 182mm x (H) 235mm
  • Battery 8 x AA 1.5V
  • Accessory Head spinner


Here's a short video to help you better understand all the cool features of DiscoRobo!
  • Getting started

    Turn on some music and press the belly button to activate the robot. You can dance together with DiscoRobo or create other sounds for the robot to move along, such as: beatbox, drum beats, hand claps...

    Download the full manual

  • Enjoy the awesome robot

    There are so many way to get interactive with DiscoRobo. Pair two DiscoRobo face to face and they will start a conversation and dance synchronously. Download the DiscoRobo Chat app to chat with it or customize its dancing steps. Download the full manual right here
  • Attention, Disco-lovers!

    Some helpful tips to better enjoy the robot: holding the robot by its belly; play high-quality music with bass sound for the robot to dance better...