I Dance to your Beat
Using the latest beat detection technology, DiscoRobo can feel the music and dance along with 56 amazing moves. It has eight engaging facial expressions and can also dance to other sounds such as beatbox, drum beats, hand claps or even footsteps.
I Speak Your Language
Pair two DiscoRobo together and let them surprise you with the way they dance and talk to each other!
Hot Colors For The Whole Family
The DiscoRobo band, available in 4 vibrant colors, is guaranteed to keep everyone happy while dancing together! Click on each color to know the robot better.
More interaction, more fun!
With the DiscoRobo Chat app, users can chat with DiscoRobo or even choreograph its dancing steps!
Let's get this party started

Andy Red robot

Hey, it’s Andy Big Shoe!

Move to the beat and beat the move

Wanna dance? Just count 1, 2…

Drum it up, I’ll rock so cool!

Ruby Pink robot

Hi sweeties, I am Ruby

Look at me I’m such a cutie

Would you be my dance - buddy?

Together we’ll rock the party!

Lucas Blue robot

Hey you guys, I am Lucas

Hip-hop style from dawn to dusk

People say I’m fun and smart

‘Coz I dance till the last, last, last…

Alex Purple robot

Hey you guys, this is Alex

Super star – I am the next!

Dancing huh? Just a piece of cake

Music on I’ll shake shake shake …